International Student Orientation - Late Arrivals

Michaela Hosking
Michaela Hosking Holmesglen Staff

International Student Orientation

Late Arrivals 

We understand there are some circumstances where students will arrive late. Not to worry as Holmesglen has additional orientation information sessions for late arriving students. 

Any students arriving to Holmesglen after Friday 17 February 2023 can attend this orientation information session. 

Orientation details

Date: 21 February 2023

Time: 10:00am

Location: Chadstone campus, building 2 level 2 room 21

Students should bring the following information with them to this session: 

  • Their student visa
  • Their confirmation of enrolment documents (eCoE) 
  • Their unique network ID which has been emailed 

Students should also complete their literacy, language and numeracy review (BSKB) assessment prior to attending orientation. Information regarding the BKSB assessment can be found here.