Terms and Conditions

Holmesglen Online Community


Here are the basic things you need to know

This online community exists for staff and students to interact with and support each other within the Holmesglen community as peers.

This isn’t an official channel for content endorsed by the Holmesglen organisation: although Holmesglen staff will post content on the community, it is primarily user-supplied content and may contain opinions, comments or suggestions not officially endorsed by Holmesglen.

By using this community, you accept the terms and conditions as explained in the remainder of this post.

Here’s a simple checklist to help you use the community appropriately:


  • Respect everyone: discuss the point, don’t attack the person.
  • Protect privacy and property: both yours and that of others.
  • Remember relevancy: post content that is timely, accurate, appropriate and relevant, and post it in the relevant area within the community.
  • Consider the audience: the content can be found through Google, and is for ALL members of the community: students, staff and partners from past, present and future.
  • Use the service appropriately: please use the service within the law - both Australian law and general International law -, and be mindful that any offers you make to or receive from community members are appropriate, lawful and within relevant code of practice guidelines. See the Holmesglen Appropriate Use of Technology policy and the Code of Practice guidelines for further detail.
  • If in doubt, ask: The community is supported by a moderation team of other community users. If you are unsure about your actions, ask the moderation team for guidance. The moderation team will ask for inappropriate content to be removed, and ask for your help in keeping content suitable and relevant. If you see something you think is a problem, bring it to the moderation team's attention.


More Detailed explanations


Nature of the service

What the service is

The purpose of this service is to provide members of the greater Holmesglen community with an online capability to connect with, share with and support each other. This is a peer-to-peer service: the content shared is provided by people like you: It is not provided by or necessarily endorsed by the Holmesglen organisation in an official capacity. The content on the service is provided by community members like you, acting as individuals to support each other. As a general rule the service is available 24 x 7 - , except where we need to perform technical updates -, and is moderated by other community members during regular business hours in Victoria, Australia.


Who is it for

The online community has a primary focus on students, however staff, prospective students, alumni and partner organisations can also contribute. The Holmesglen online community provides a central place to share information, controlled largely by you, the community user: it’s a place to share and learn the tips and tricks that will enable you to get the most out of your Holmesglen experience.


How can you use it

You can use a number of features to search the community content for answers to questions you might have or information on things you are interested in. You can also submit your own questions or answers, and share your knowledge through blog posts. You can also create groups in which to manage related interactions with other community members around a shared area of interest.


How is it managed

The service is hosted externally to Holmesglen, and is administered and managed by a Community team operating within Holmesglen. This comprises a Community Manager and a Moderation team.  Although the service is technically available 24 x 7, the community management team actively manage the service on Victorian business days between 8am and 5:30pm AET.


How should you behave using the service

In simple terms, we require you to operate the service with the following points in mind:


  • Respect everyone: Sometimes called the “Be excellent to each other” rule, it’s the rule that all others follow from. Tone and Language in your content is important. Be nice, supportive and professional in your interactions. Imagine that your grandparents or other respected family member is able to view everything you put on our community site. Act in a manner towards others that you would want them to act towards you. It should be obvious that no discriminatory or bullying behaviour will be tolerated. We all have our own opinions however, we need to respect each others, even when they differ. By keeping your posts respectful and simple, clear and readable, most problems can be avoided. Collegiate debate is welcome, but keep debates focused on arguing the points being discussed, and refrain from personal attacks.
  • Identity Privacy: We require you to work with us to protect everyone's personal details and property rights. However, we can do that only to the extent that you choose to keep your details personal. Please make your personal details private by default and not generally visible on the community. If you elect to openly share elements of your personal information in your personal profile biography, your profile picture, and in your posts on the community, then you are making a choice to share those details openly within Holmesglen and on the Internet in general. We also ask that you work to protect the identity of other community members to the extent they wish it. Avoid any personal, health related, confidential information or anything you don’t want in public. If in doubt, don’t disclose.
  • Data Privacy: We take your personal data privacy seriously and we ask you to do the same: we protect your data to the best extent we can, and only use it to deliver and improve the services offered to the Holmesglen community. We don’t give away or sell your data. When we’re working with your data, it’s anonymised.
  • Administration staff can see your information: A small number of people who operate the platform (platform management, support and moderation staff) will be able to see your hidden personal data. They do this only to the extent needed to support you and to deliver and improve the service, and we take protecting that information on your behalf seriously.
  • Public Content: By default, all content you post openly on the community is publicly available, and can be found via web search tools such as Google, Bing, etc. If you don’t want a particular post found and read by anyone on the Internet, don’t post it.
  • Intellectual Property: If you post content on the community, you need to have the legal right to share that content. As a general rule, you should either own the content yourself, or it should be available for you and other community members to use legally and without payment or fees. Don’t plagiarise or otherwise post someone else’s content without consent. By posting content you own - including content you have moral rights to -, you are granting the community and its users the right to access that content using the community Terms & Conditions.
  • Criminal behaviour: Don’t use the community for illegal activities, share or endorse illegal activities, and don’t hack our site. Don’t do anything that would put yourself, other community users or Holmesglen in a position of supporting criminal behaviour.
  • Relevant content: Post content that is timely, accurate, appropriate and relevant, and post it in the relevant area within the community. Try to keep related topics together, and avoid posting duplicate topics. Where you have a new question, feel free to make a new post or discussion: try not to post a new question on an old and unrelated discussion thread.