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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I join the BE Job Ready program?

The BE Job Ready program is designed to help you become more employable by developing some skills and the knowledge of where you are at in your career readiness and a pathway to get there.

It’s a great program for students at the end of their study too as you may be evaluating how to enter the job market and this will help you develop a great CV and understand what skills to highlight in your applications.


I am an international student is the program suitable for me?

Absolutely, this is a great program to understand the job market and getting ready for employment in Australia. It will also introduce you to the support available in the Holmesglen Employment Centre.


Does this give me course or program credits towards my study?

No, this is an extra-curricular program offered by the Holmesglen Employment Centre designed to help you prepare for work and employment.

The DIP will give you a competitive edge and help you apply some of the skills you have learnt during your study here at Holmesglen.

You will receive a Holmesglen certificate as part of your participation in this course.


How can I balance this with my study load?

The program will require about 10 hours of work in Phase 1 and 25 hours for the DIP in Phase 2.

Phase 1 can be complete at your own pace, so you could be completing the program on the train or bus for example.

We have designed the DIP to take place during term break to make sure this doesn’t compete with your program of study.


How do I register?

You need to submit an Expression of Interest which will ask you to reflect on some key questions so we can assess your suitability for the program. 


How will I know if I am accepted to the program?

The Holmesglen Employment Centre team will confirm your participation in the program via email and will respond within 3 days of you submitting your EOI.


What kinds of topics will be covered in the Digital Industry Project?

There are four broad themes of the projects and you could be allocated any one of these to work on – international business, digital marketing, growth strategy and sustainable impact.

Check out this page for detailed information on the project themes.


How big will my team be in the DIP and who will be in it?

Students will be allocated into a team of up to 6 students. Expect that your teammates will come from a range of discipline areas. This makes for a strong team and gives you skills in working in diverse teams.


What if I am studying below a Certificate IV level but want to join the program?

As this is the first time we will run the BE Job Ready program we have designed this for students in a Cert IV and above program. However we are planning later in the year to run this program for more students and will design specific programs for specific students, which may likely be you.

You can still gain support from the Holmesglen Employment Centre team. We run a range or workshops and individual sessions to help students get career ready.

Book an appointment with us or see us in Building 6 Ground Floor at the Chadstone Campus.

We also have a presence at the Moorabbin and Glen Waverley campuses and can readily meet you there too.