National Reconciliation Week is a significant annual event in Australia that takes place from May 27th to June 3rd. It is a time for all Australians to come together and reflect on the shared histories, cultures, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as well as to explore the path towards reconciliation.

The week is observed as a commemoration of two key milestones in the reconciliation journey: the successful 1967 referendum and the High Court's Mabo decision. The 1967 referendum resulted in changes to the Australian Constitution and finally including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the national census. The Mabo decision, handed down by the High Court of Australia in 1992, recognized native title rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

National Reconciliation Week aims to promote reconciliation by fostering understanding, respect, and recognition of the rights and contributions of Indigenous Australians. The theme for this year is ‘Be a voice for Generations,’ this urges all Australians to use their power, their words, and their actions to create a better, more just Australia for all of us.

To actively demonstrate our commitment to this year's theme, the Student Engagement Team is generously sponsoring up to 10 students to participate in the Acknowledge this! Workshop. This workshop will provide a deeper understanding of the purpose and significance of an Acknowledgement of Country, as well as guide students in crafting their personalised format for acknowledging our shared history during any gatherings.

If you are interested in joining this workshop, please secure your spot by emailing Kindly note that sponsorship will be provided to the first 10 students who reach out, so be prompt in expressing your interest.