Announcement: Community Stream Update

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Community Manager Community Staff • 17 March 2019
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Hello founding Community Members:


In an ongoing effort to improve your experience with the online community, we continue to make changes to the community platform.


We are in the progress of making a more significant change: introducing an improved community stream.


One of the main reasons for the change is to show all public and open content (including content posted to public/ open groups) in the community stream updates. This reduces the need to create duplicate posts both in your group and in the community stream


This new stream will allow you to see more content that you’d possibly otherwise miss.


Any posts you make in a group (srream posts, Topic, etc) will appear in the new community stream. If you are in a closed group, that content will also appear in the community stream but will only be visible to other group members.


One of the other main changes we want to make is to take away the ability to post directly to the community stream.


Instead you can post simple stream updates from the stream page of any group you interact with, or from your own personal page.


However, we encourage you to use Topic or Discussion posts instead where you can. This is because Topics and Discussions are indexed for searches and Stream posts aren’t.


We will leave the direct posting form at the top of the community stream in place for a short time as we transition.


If you have a question, concern or feedback you’d like to share, please comment on this post.


Thanks for your support,


The Holmesglen Community Team