The Roles and Responsibilities of a Diploma of Nursing Student Representative

San • 20 May 2021

Please use this as a tool to assess whether you would like to become a student representative.  It is also a great reference to include in your application.


Benefits of becoming a Diploma of Nursing Student Representative

Becoming a Diploma of Nursing student representative will enable you to develop and strengthen your leadership, advocacy, networking and communication skills.

It is a great way to contribute to real and positive change to current and future learner within the Diploma of Nursing.  This is your way to have your say on improvements to the course.

In addition to walking away with a great skill set and sense of achievement, you will have access to a range of personal and professional development opportunities.


What does a Diploma of Nursing Student Representative do?

The primary objectives of the Diploma of Nursing student representatives are:

  1. To gather the collective learner voice in regards to academic and learner concerns.
  2. To accurately and respectfully represent the views and opinions of the learner cohort.
  3. Act as a communication channel between the Nursing Department and the Diploma of Nursing learner cohort.
  4. Aid in the continuous improvement of the learner experience in partnership with the Nursing Department by helping form solutions to identified issues.

Student representatives are required to meet with their fellow reps as a council in accordance with the council’s meeting schedule to discuss various learner concerns or issues and identify potential changes to improve the learner experience.  Please refer to the Holmesglen Diploma of Nursing Student Representative Position Description for an in-depth description of the role.


What do Holmesglen students want from their representatives?

From a survey conducted on the Holmesglen learner cohort in May 2020 this is what Holmesglen students want from their student reps:

  • The top three (3) ranked qualities that the learner cohort wanted to see in their student’s reps are:
  1. Leadership
  2. Honesty
  3. Communication
  • Less important qualities included:
  1. Public speaking
  2. Organisation
  3. Confidence
  • Learners preferred to send and receive information via email, text messages and Brightspace


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