Finding Resilience in Stressful Times

During difficult and stressful times, it is essential to be resilient. Resilience refers to the ability to remain strong, healthy and bounce back from periods of stress and difficulty.

Here are some coping strategies to assist in difficult times:

  1. Have an acceptance of what “is”.
  2. Have an understanding of the parameters of the situation, including risks and limits, to focus on the power to move forward.
  3. Willingness to adapt to novel situations and new information as it arrives.
  4. Actively limit intake of negative people and sensational information including social media.
  5. Although difficult, remind yourself “this is not forever”.
  6. Value of community and social supports.
  7. Acceptance of the emotions and feelings, and finding ways to be more in the present-moment thinking. This is an opportunity to incorporate mindfulness strategies.

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