Students often ask what’s the difference between having digital skills, getting digital support and digital literacy? Let’s explore….

Digital skills can be described as specific actions using technology, computer based and program specific tools. You may have learned functions related to hardware or software and can apply that information to process, create or edit information. Examples of skills are - I can use a mouse, keyboard, log in to my PC, create a word document, check Instagram, or take a photo on my mobile device and text to a friend. There are a massive number of digital skills ranging from basic to advanced.

Digital support is more commonly referred to as technical support and is provided by qualified and expert personnel to assist users of technology with access, technical issues, provide information, advice, and guidance. You may need technical support to re set passwords, access programs, trouble shoot hardware issues, internet, or Wi-Fi access. This support can come in the form of person to person, online support, written or video instruction or information.

Digital literacy can be described as awareness of yourself as a "digital user" and your knowledge, use and application of digital literacy skills.

It focuses on 4 areas, how well do I…?

  • Connect, communicate, and collaborate
  • Understand and demonstrate digital identity and safety
  • Use a range of digital technologies and systems
  • Access, organise and problem solve in a digital environment

You can see that digital skills and digital support fit within digital literacy.

Digital literacy is now considered a foundation skill like learning, reading, writing, numeracy and speaking and includes many of the same mental processes such as cognition, analysis, evaluation, creativity, ethics, and problem solving.

Digital literacy also requires the use of all the other foundation skills. The level of a person’s foundation skill in one area (e.g. reading) may impact on their Digital literacy skill level.

Most importantly, Digital literacy is about self-awareness and confidence. Be aware of what skills YOU need in your personal life, in your studies and at work. Become a confident user of those skills. Don’t be concerned with everything that is out there!


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