10 Best Jobs for International Students in Australia

TracyA • 22 November 2021

The world and how we live is constantly changing, which means our career options are evolving too.

It might be scary to commit to years of study for a career that might look completely different, or might not exist, in the future. So when you are considering your study options, it could help to understand what kind of jobs are going to be most in-demand in the next few years.

If you are thinking about working in Australia after your studies, we’ve compiled a list of 10 jobs in high demand in Australia, according to the Australian Government.

1. Aged and disabled carer

2. Engineering professional

3. Civil engineering professional

4. Child carer

5. Accountant

6. Solicitor

7. Registered nurse

8. School teacher

9. Advertising and marketing professional

10. Software and applications programmers