How to create a topic

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What is a topic?

A topic is a type of content where you can share longer-form information or organise discussions. These can be blogs, news updates or Q&As.


How do I create a topic?


Method 1: use the “+” in the top navigation:


Create a topic post using the top navigation.


Then follow the prompts. You can choose to place your topic in your group by selecting your group’s name in the “Group and visibility” drop-down list. If you don’t do this, your topic will show up in the home screen and on your profile only.


Method 2: create a topic within your group directly


Go to your group page, click on “Topics” in the menu, then click on “Create Topic”.

Create a topic post within your group.


What can I do with topics?

  • Choose the type of topic, e.g. blog so that people know what your topic is about
  • Add a title and image for your topic. These will show at the top of your topic, like this:
The header of your topic posts has the title and main image.


  • Write your content in the Description box. Here you can format the text, add links, include quotes, add tables and insert multiple images (kind of like how this post has been written). Click on the picture icon to add an image. Topic box
  • You can also add attachments – just upload a file from your computer
  • You can then add some tags if you like to make it easier for people to find it
  • Remember to hit Save at the end!
  • If you want to edit your topic, just click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the image

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