Tips for Talking to Parents about Your Mental Health

Student Wellbeing • 12 July 2021

Tips for Talking to Parents about Your Mental Health

  • Plan ahead and write down what you want to say.
  • Focus on the impact of how you have been feeling. For example, “I’ve been finding it hard to participate in class because I’ve been feeling anxious.
  • Prepare for how they might react. For example, if they say that what you’re describing sounds normal, you could say: ‘This is more than a bad mood. I don’t know how to manage this on my own.
  • If you’re feeling nervous about starting a conversation with your parents, try writing them a letter, email or text to get the conversation started.
  • Pick a good time and place where you will have your parents attention such as after work or on the weekend.
  • Let your parents know how they can help such as booking or attending a GP or psychologist appointment with you and also let them know that isn’t helping.
  • Get extra support by accessing a school counsellor, calling a counselling hotline such as Beyond Blue.

What do I do if my parents don’t react the way that I wanted them to?

Having the conversation can be difficult and each person involved may need time to process or not know how to help you. The following are some strategies to feel supported during this time

  • Reach out for support from other people in your life such as a trusted friend or family member, a teacher or coach
  • Lean into your support network which can be diverse and varied through talking to others face to face or turning to online communities and forums.
  • Plan something nice for after the conversation with your parents such as going for a walk in your favourite spot or contacting a friend


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