A proud member of the Student Representative Council (SRC) and a third year Bachelor of Nursing student, Ujjwal Kaushal balances his studies with the important job of supporting the Holmesglen community.

He shares some of his experiences of moving to and studying in Melbourne, along with advice for fellow international students.


Why Melbourne?

After deciding to pursue his studies internationally, Ujjwal researched popular universities across the world.

“Australia is the perfect choice for higher education in the nursing and medical field,” he explains.

Australia’s university system is ranked highly, with many of its top universities located in Melbourne. With ground-breaking frameworks in place to ensure world-class standards of education for overseas students, the quality of international education in Australia is taken very seriously.

“International students are protected by the Education Services for Overseas Students [ESOS] framework, which protects the rights of international students studying in Australia,” Ujjwal explains.

Melbourne is Australia's most livable city, and Ujjwal has found this to be true! “People were so welcoming,” he says.

He particularly enjoys the multicultural environment of Melbourne. For example, government and individuals collaborate to organise many celebrations for the traditional days of different cultures.

“This makes you comfortable while you are away from home and can celebrate here in Melbourne,” he explains.

Ujjwal casual image
Like a true Melbournian, Ujjwal also loves the local coffee and cafes. “I not only love living in Melbourne, I love Melbourne!” he says.

Why Holmesglen?

Ujjwal chose Holmesglen for the next stage of his study because it is one of the oldest institutes in Australia and one of the largest TAFE providers in Victoria.

“Holmesglen offers an extensive and wide range of technical, vocational and higher education courses, and all the courses are accredited by the Australian Government,” he explains.

Ujjwal explains that previous students also gave him positive feedback about Holmesglen, so the choice was easy!

Once he decided to move to Australia to study, Ujjwal found the process quite simple and straightforward. An education agent helped him on his journey, and Holmesglen staff were on hand to support him in any other matters.


Future career

Ujjwal is an ambitious person.

“I always look for the opportunities in my career that are challenging and interesting and opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis,” he says. “It is a well-known fact that nursing is one of the strongest pillars on which the medicine profession stands. To be successful in this noble profession, I need vast knowledge and capabilities in the specific discipline of nursing.”

In Australia, he has the chance to study at a world-class institution and learn about all the latest developments in nursing.

“Studying in Melbourne is a really good investment in my future,” Ujjwal says. “After completing my Bachelor of Nursing at Holmesglen, I can easily claim numerous job opportunities.”

After he completes his degree, Ujjwal would like to apply for a post-study visa, which will allow him to work in Australia in his chosen field and gain additional skills and work experience. He will continue working towards his goal of becoming a registered nurse.


Fellow international students

“The advice I want to give my fellow international students is to focus on your goals and what you are coming here for. You can do it!” says Ujjwal.

It’s also important to be prepared. Ujjwal recommends researching where to live, being aware of your expenses and talking to people who are already living in Melbourne.

“Melbournians are very supportive,” he explains.

Ujjwal also suggests accessing the support services available at Holmesglen.“There are a lot of resources that can help a newly arrived international student,” he says.

“Finally, I would say you are lucky you are arriving in Melbourne – and all the best!”


Are you an international student who wants to share your Holmesglen story? Email us on intl@holmesglen.edu.au