Sharing Your Information and Data

Erica • 22 August 2019
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When you log into the internet, have you thought about where your information has gone? How many countries now have your information? When you "like" that picture on social media how many people now have that information? 

Servers store website's information, which could be anywhere on earth. In the following video, Amazon is stored in Europe, whereas Facebook being primarily an American owned site is not stored in America. 

The video talks about how Julian Assange is an Australian but has had to go around the globe seeking a kind of asylum from the death penalty in American for his part in exposing different political files. As the servers and files come from varying places around the world it is difficult for the laws to catch up. 

Every time you log onto the internet, what information are you sharing with the world? Where is it going? Are you OK with that information being out there and available, forever? To be cross-referenced and shown around to be sold over and over...