How to Avoid News and Media Coverage Overload

Student Wellbeing • 11 October 2021

Avoiding News and Media Coverage Overload with the SIFT technique


Keeping up to date on the latest updates in the news can be quite overwhelming. This is now more prevalent than ever, after we found ourselves checking for the latest updates constantly during the during the COVID-19 pandemic and Victorian lockdowns.

However, consuming too much coverage can be unhealthy especially if the content is unreliable and misleading which can lead to an increase in anxiety.


The SIFT technique can help you filter and assess the news you consume, meaning you can stay well informed while protecting your mental health.


Stop and think before you take anything as fact.

Investigate the source – who is providing this information?

Find better coverage. Cross-check the information with trusted sources.

Trace claims, quotes, and media to the original context. In other words, click back to find the original source of the information.


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