FAQs: Saying goodbye to Holmesglen App

Community Manager
Community Manager Community Staff • 28 October 2022
Poster with text, Holmesglen App FAQs, last day of use: 14December 2022

Here’s what you need to know after 14 December 2022:


Q1: Do I need to uninstall my Holmesglen App from my mobile device after 14 Dec 2022?

You can continue to use the app until 14 Dec 2022, after which time you will not be able to login anymore. After 14 Dec 2022, you may uninstall the app from your mobile phone if you wish.


Q2: Where can I check my course timetable after 14 December 2022?

You can continue to log on to My.Holmesglen or Brightspace to access your timetable.


Q3: Where can I access the information that was available on the app after 14 Dec 2022?

You can access the information as follows:

Timetable, results and fee payment: https://my.holmesglen.edu.au

IT help: https://holmesglen.edu.au/Students/Student-resources/IT-and-remote-learning-help/

Student Life: https://community.holmesglen.edu.au/studentlife

Campus information: https://holmesglen.edu.au/About-Us/Campuses/

Safety, Health and Wellbeing: https://holmesglen.edu.au/Students/Student-Wellbeing/

Fees and Enrolment: https://holmesglen.edu.au/Students/Fees/

Student Resources and Forms: https://holmesglen.edu.au/Students/Student-Resources/


Q4: What are the other ways I can stay up-to-date with Holmesglen news and activities?

You can join the Holmesglen Online Community by registering for an account at https://community.holmesglen.edu.au/. Check out the Student Resources for the support services available to you.

You can also follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.


Please email your questions to social@holmesglen.edu.au.