Breaking Down the Myths Behind Meditation

Student Wellbeing • 13 September 2021

Debunking Myths About Meditation

Myth #1: “In order to meditate I have to stop thinking”

False! This can lead to a lot of frustrating when starting out! During meditation your mind will continue to think but with practise you can learn to become an “observer” of your thoughts rather than staying tangled up with them. It is 100% completely natural to become distracted by your thoughts during meditation and this does not mean you have stopped meditating! By noticing that you have become distracted and choosing to refocus is a key part of meditation.

Myth #2: “Meditation is something I need to master to make it worth doing”

False! Meditation does not require perfection but it does require patience and persistence! Simply, taking the time and effort consistently can be beneficial to your wellbeing. Studies have shown that even distracted meditation sessions, are still doing you good for you. Even occasional moments of focus will have the effect of relaxing your body and calming your mind. 

Myth #3: “Meditation will automatically make you peaceful”

False! When we think of people meditating, we often incision people looking completely at peace and serene but these images are often unrealistic expectations that this will happen immediately! While regularly practising will lead to a calmer more peaceful state of mind, you may find the nature of your busy mind overwhelming which is very NORMAL. Keep trying it and think of it like exercising; which becomes easier, the more you do it.

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