For a successful International Learner Scholarship application refer to this six step guide.

1.Check carefully if you're eligible for this scholarship. Note, that just because you may not be eligible now does not mean you cannot apply for it in the future.

2. Carefully check the dates of the application and make sure your submit within the set time and date. Applications happen twice a year so if you miss it, you're able to apply the next semester. 

3. For the selection criteria you must include copies of certificates, references, academic transcripts and any other relevant personal achievements that will help support your case. This can be any extra-curricular activities where you have demonstrated community mindedness, academic success or leadership roles or skills that relate to Holmesglen's values of ASPIRE p.6) 

4. When meeting the selection criteria be sure to check the weighting of each criterion- Community (60%), Leadership (30%) and Academic Achievements (10%) and write to it e.g. Majority of your application should be aimed towards the community criterion.

5. Before you apply, make sure to notify and brief your references. This is so they can accurately represent you and are aware of what you are applying for.

6. Lastly, before you submit your application make sure you carefully proofread your application to have the best chance at being successful.


Good luck and make sure to complete, and submit the Holmesglen International Learner Scholarship form and supporting evidence to . Incomplete applications or applications made outside of the opening and closing dates will not be considered.