How to get a driver's licence in Australia?

While each Australian state has its own licence requirements, there will generally be three stages to gaining an Australian driving licence:

Before gaining your learner’s permit, you will have to complete a knowledge-based test to make sure you understand the road rules. While the requirements vary between states, you will typically have to complete a test and several hours of supervised driving before receiving your provisional licence. 

Covert your overseas licence.


If you're visiting Victoria for less than six months you can drive on your overseas driver licence provided it is valid and current.

If you've been living or will be living in Victoria for six months or more you'll need to convert your overseas licence or permit to a Victorian licence.

You can complete the form here, to find out which Victorian licence you can get.


Watch this video on how to convert your overseas licence into an Australian licence. 



Check out to learn about the driver licence and learner permit fees.