Get Job Ready Series - Responding to Key Selection Criteria

Holmesglen Rec Team
Holmesglen Rec Team

In this workshop, we can show you how to highlight and evidence your personal values, knowledge, skills and experience.

About this workshop:

What is Key Selection Criteria?

How well does your Key selection criteria response attract attention in a competitive environment?

Have you ever applied for a job, and had to prepare your Key Skills criteria, Wondering ‘Where do I start?’ or ‘How can I effectively highlight my skills?’

The selection criteria are the personal qualities, skills, abilities, knowledge, and qualifications an employer has identified as necessary to perform a role effectively.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify and present your strengths to prospective employers, to get that interview.


How to join:

Register for the workshop, here.


Location:  WebEx meetings link will be provided upon registering.

All Holmesglen recreation activities and trips are available only to current Holmesglen learners. If you are not enrolled, have outstanding fees or are unable to produce a valid student ID card you will not be permitted to attend.

COVID Safe Event

We have worked hard to ensure this activity remains safe for all participants. All activities will remain in line with advice from the Victorian government. We are committed to meeting the highest level of health and safety protocols for the duration of your experience from arrival to departure. Some restrictions or impositions may be forced upon us at the last minute and we remain committed to ensuring our communication is timely and clear.