Get Job Ready Series - Develop your Cover Letter & Resume

Holmesglen Rec Team
Holmesglen Rec Team

Develop your cover letter and resume that leads to an interview


About this workshop:

If you’re unsure how to write an effective cover letter and resume, this workshop is your chance to learn.

To be getting the desired responses from your job applications, you might want to explore how to best highlight your skills to compete with other job seekers.

Our workshop will guide you through the process of creating or updating your resume, to address the requirements of your dream job.


This includes:

• What to look for when reading and evaluating job opportunities

• How to highlight your skills and strengths when marketing yourself to a prospective employer

• How to identify your transferable skills, even when changing your career pathway

• How to review your resume for relevancy, to meet the job criteria

• How to write a great cover letter


How to join:

Register for this workshop, here.


Location: Chadstone Campus and virtually via Webex.

WebEx meetings link will be provided upon registering.


All Holmesglen recreation activities, workshops and trips are available only to current Holmesglen learners. If you are not enrolled, have outstanding fees or are unable to produce a valid student ID card you will not be permitted to attend.

COVID Safe Event

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