zhongkui xu

Rice flour steamed meat steps

1 cut pork into thick slices, must not be too thin, otherwise there is no taste;
2 poured into the cooking wine;
3 join the soy sauce;
4 add spiced powder;
5 stir evenly and then put it in the refrigerator for one night, so that it is full of flavor, if the time is tight, marinate for an hour or two;
6 pickled meat into an egg;
7 pour the steamed rice noodles, stir well, so that each piece of meat is evenly wrapped with rice noodles;
8 put a piece of meat into the steamer, if not, replace it with a larger plate, the meat should be fully expanded, do not roll, do not put too many layers, so as not to Easy to steam;
9 steamed on the pot for about an hour, if there are lotus leaves, then it is better, you can make a fragrant lotus leaf steamed meat.