Numbers Don’t Add Up?
Feeling anxious or stressed about your maths ability? Not your favourite subject at school, or maybe it’s been awhile since you studied?
Since the 1950’s the condition of Maths Phobia has been recognized. It is similar to other phobias in generating feelings of anxiety and dread in the sufferer. At its worst it may affect a person’s capacity and confidence to tackle maths problems…and achieve the results they need and the future they dream about.
What to do?
Luckily there is help available.
The Learning Skills Centre has highly qualified Numeracy teachers who can assist you in strengthening your Maths muscles…
How to get help?
Nursing students @ Moorabbin
Numeracy support is available each Monday and Thursday between 1-2 in Building 3 Level 2 near the computers.
If any students think they need some remediation Numeracy support they are welcome to attend at these times.
This would be in preparation for drug calculation classes in Stage 2.
Students are also free to e-mail
Nursing students @ Bourke St
Drop-in sessions: Monday 10-3pm
Tuesday 1-4pm
Wednesday 11-4pm
Numeracy workshops are also run from time to time. Sessions advertised on posters and on Brightspace.
Other students
Sometimes there is a numeracy teacher attached to your class. Don’t be shy in asking them questions.
If you feel you need further help email to make an appointment.
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