My current situation:
Due to some mandatory maintenance at my accommodation, i was given a two weeks notice to vacate. Yes- during this most busy time with all assignments are due within next two weeks.
Though we are given another place to stay, we are very stressful about having no time to pack and move. My house mate and I feel extremely stress and anxiety due to the sudden move and short notice.
My question is whether the one who make this decision to force students to relocate have considered students current situation ?
Is it the right time for students to move? How essential is this maintenance ?

Here is an article similar to my situation.
Title: College students forced to relocate during COVID-19 pandemic are more likely to have depression.

"Students have high rates of mental health concerns, and moving is a major life stressor for anyone, so we wondered what the consequences of relocating from campus would be. We saw that moving, itself, predicted mental health concerns, even when accounting for other factors that might be involved in mental health."

Cindy Liu, PhD, Study Corresponding Author, Departments of Pediatric Newborn Medicine and Psychiatry, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Link to article: https://www.news-medical.net/news/20210224/College-students-forced-to-r…