The world of work is always evolving. Being able to demonstrate your key skills is an excellent start in preparing for your interview.
Here are some top tips to ensure you and your skills are current and in demand:

The 5 skills employers currently look for - how well do you match up?

1. Resilience - how to demonstrate your resilience!
Resilience might seem like an intangible quality, but being able to identify and talk about your capacity to adapt to and recover from situations is very valuable.

2020 is a great example- think about what you achieved?

How did you manage your time? And what adjustments did you make to be able to maximise your achievements and opportunities?

2. Advancing skills in using technology- What technological knowledge did you gain?
Being familiar with multiple technological platforms has always been important, and many businesses and services have suddenly had to adapt to using these throughout the 2020 pandemic. This has resulted in many companies, across all industries recruiting ‘tech-savvy’ staff members.

Video conferencing, on line document sharing and remote learning are all skills are now essential skills.
How can you show your aptitude for technology - how well do your skills match this business need?

3. Agility- Show you are productive, innovative and proactive!
Through the pandemic and beyond, learning new skills quickly, clear communication and exceptional team work have been key to success.

Are you a team player who can adapt easily to change?

4. Taking the Initiative
Through 2020, 42% of Australians learned new skills that they wouldn’t had it not been for COVID-19. In addition, in Victoria, a massive 40 % of people give time to volunteer through the pandemic!! Picking up extra projects or tasks during lockdown will have added to your skills set.

How have you been proactive through difficult situations? What attempts have you made, to be energetic through tough times?

5. EQ- Emotional Quotient; Interpersonal Skills.
The ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, are key skills employers look for.
How have you taken the time to listen to the concerns of others?
Have you needed to discuss workplace challenges or resolutions? And defuse conflict?

Preparing for an interview is your key to success!
*Start thinking about your skills.
*Start planning your interview responses

And finally,

*Start practicing your answers!!
Before you know it, you will be starting your career pathway