Get job ready with Skills and Jobs Centre - Life Skills Workshops - Part 1

When it comes to creating the perfect resume, everyone has different skills to showcase! Each employers’ requirements are unique, so how do you tailor yours for success?

Join Skills and Jobs centre to learn how to develop your resume and make it stand out from the crowd.

Book into our resume development series, and over three sessions we will cover:

Resume- what’s it all about?

Learn- what details to showcase in your Resume

Understand- the goal and overall purpose of a resume

Explore- how to present your exceptional skills

Master- the art of developing a distinctive resume, to get that job interview

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our best tips for successful jobsearch.

How to participate:
Step 1: Book your spot on Eventbrite, here.…

Step 2: The WebEx meeting link will be sent to your email address. Download the WebEx Meetings app on desktop or mobile.

Step 3: Join the WebEx meeting by clicking the link on Monday 21st September @ 12.30pm