Noelene Tulley - Surgical/ Urology- Plastics Unit

Community Manager
Community Manager Community Staff • 7 May 2020

Noelene Tulley

Surgical/ Urology- Plastics Unit

Noelene Tulley


When did you graduate?

I graduated November 2018 and at the beginning of February 2019 began a graduate year at Holmesglen Private. My first rotation was on the Oncology/ Palliative Care Unit. The first 4 months l found l was constantly questioning why and what l was doing, some days were ok but every day was long and mostly difficult. My second rotation was on the Surgical/ Urology- Plastics unit where l still work. 


How did you overcome these challenges?

The things that helped me get through... l stopped and reassessed myself and l knew l was doing some things well but my time management needed working out. So l asked the educator to spend some time with me, she gave me the reassurance l needed and a couple of tips and suddenly everything just clicked.  


What did you learn from this experience?

The things l have learnt are... do the basics well and always be safe. I always do my own medication calculations before l ask for a check. It is better to administer a medication a little late but safely than to give the wrong dose. l start each shift on time and l am prepared. l arrive at work 10-15 minutes before my shift, get my allocation and start my planner. If l have time l check oxygen and suction and write up the whiteboards. I always do base-line obs and work my way through each patient's needs. 

No matter how busy sometimes you just have to stop and take a break, even if it’s just a quick coffee.  

What do you love about nursing?

What l love is working with the amazing team on my ward. I am constantly challenged and no day is typical. We are mostly always busy and the work is varied and interesting. l love being able to make a difference in someone’s life either physically or emotionally and l have a special interest in Palliative Care nursing. Caring for the family and loved ones of dying patients is also very important so l try to include them in their loved one's care whenever possible.  

I am constantly learning and try to attend as many in-service sessions that l can. If l don’t know how to perform a procedure l ask for help and l research.  

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