Learning Skills Centre (LSC) FAQ's

Learning Skills Centre Jo G Holmesglen Staff • 9 June 2021

Can I get help with reading and writing?

YES – many new students or students returning to study need extra help with reading information and writing assessment tasks. For some students this will be achieved with some simple tips and guidance. Others may need ongoing and additional support to improve their skill level. LSC can support both types of students.

What other type of support can I get?

Numeracy – all courses have some type of numeracy requirement. It can be researching data, statistics, using diagrams and graphs, simple to complex maths concepts. We can identify numeracy needs and support students to improve their skills. We also have maths refresher videos available – check our website page:


Information and Computer skills – We run virtual mini workshops on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, navigating information, locating student resources and organising files and folders. For workshop days and times, go to our webpage 

Can someone look at my assignment/ essay and give me advice before I submit it?

YES – LSC provides a service for students to get support with assignments. If you require feedback about grammar, spelling, structure and readability of your work, referencing, you can attend an on campus “drop in” session in the Library (no appointment required), or get remote 1:1 support via phone, email or WebEx.

Check webpage for drop-in times at your campus

Can I get regular ongoing support?

YES – An LSC teacher can meet with you and discuss your support needs. We can develop a learning plan for you and meet regularly on campus, or remotely, to provide you with personalised support. Our goal is to teach you skills, to use confidently and independently in your course and the workplace. 

What happens during the appointment?

To provide personalised support, the LSC teacher will discuss with you your current strengths and areas for improvement at the introduction session. They also gain an understanding of support needs by reviewing drafts of your assessment tasks and unit or course requirements. LSC teachers will teach you, demonstrate skills and observe you putting the skills into practice. You will receive feedback on your progress. We can also provide you with tips, hints and useful resources. 

What do I need to prepare/bring along for my appointment with a LSC teacher?

Have copies of your unit outlines and drafts of assessment tasks available and easily accessed via your PC, USB or on Bright space. If you are getting remote support, the LSC teacher may request you send an email with attachments.

How soon can I get an appointment with LSC teacher?

As a student, time management is key and seeking support in a timely manner is extremely important. We encourage you to plan ahead and book an appointment with LSC as soon as you identify your support needs. If you leave your request for support to the last minute, we may not be able to see you straight away.  

Also consider your availability. Support sessions can take from 30  –  60 minutes, so you need to be free without distractions during this time

How do I contact LSC?                                                                                                                      

During class time:

LSC teachers support students in many classes. We attend your classes weekly (either on campus or remotely via WebEx) and focus on supporting students with learning skills such as reading, writing, numeracy and speaking. We may also contact you and ask how you are going with your studies. You can also ask the LSC teacher a question, request help in class or request additional support outside of class.


 Appointments can be conducted remotely or face-to-face. You can book an appointment by calling LSC on 9564 1880, emailing us at learningskills@holmesglen.edu.au or go to our website page to contact us online. 

On campus:

When on campus, LSC teachers will be available in the Libraries to provide assessment feedback support and other assistance. Please go to our website page for days and times.