Elements of an effective SRC

Michaela Hosking Holmesglen Staff • 4 June 2021

Elements of an effective SRC


1. Educational

Reps develop there skills in key areas that support them in becoming a strong and effective representative such as communication, advocacy, organisation & representation. 

2. Democratic

All students have a voice and are listened to. 

3. Responsible and trusted

Student reps accurately and respectfully represent the voice of their peers, even when they may not necessarily agree with them. 

4. Collaborative

Students partner with the institute and each other in decision making in order to achieve a common goal. 

5. Respectful

Mutual respect is established between students, reps, staff and other members of the Holmesglen community. 

6. Caring

Student reps are committed to their role and care for the wellbeing and inclusion of all students. 

7. Rewarding

Student reps and their peers reflect on the student association positively and deliver successful outcomes. 


From time to time, it's also important that you evaluate how effective the SRC is. Attached is a matrix that can help you to determine how effective the SRC is and where it is currently ineffective.