1. Purpose

The primary purpose and objectives of the Diploma of Nursing student representatives are:

  1. To gather the collective learner voice in regards to academic and learner life concerns.
  2. To accurately and respectfully represent the views and opinions of the learner cohort.
  3. Act as a communication channel between the Nursing Department and the Diploma of Nursing learner cohort.
  4. Aid in the continuous improvement of the learner experience in partnership with the Nursing Department by helping form solutions to identified issues.


2. Membership

2.1 A member from each cohort from each campus (Bourke Street and Moorabbin) who are all currently enrolled in the Diploma of Nursing, appointed based on an application process.

2.2 In addition, one (1) international student from each cohort, who is currently enrolled in the Diploma of Nursing, appointed based on an application process.

2.3 A mentor will be appointed to the council.  The mentor’s role is to support members of the council prior to, during and post each meeting and to ensure critical issues are escalated to the correct area as per 3.8 of this document.  The mentor has no voting rights on the council.

2.4 Applications can be made by any learner currently enrolled within the Diploma of Nursing.  Applicants will be required to attend an interview.  Membership on the council will be held for the duration of their enrolment in the Diploma of Nursing at Holmesglen.

2.5 A quorum of 50% plus one (1) council member, consisting of the Chair and Secretary must be present for every meeting.

2.6 The committee may invite any person or body of persons to attend and assist the Committee but such invitees shall not have voting rights.

2.7 Student Representatives to provide the Chair of the Committee with written intention of withdrawing from the role.


3. Power and Duties

The Diploma of Nursing Student Representative Council (DNSRC) has been established as a representative body within the Diploma of Nursing to support DNSRC members to:

3.1. Regularly connect with fellow Diploma of Nursing student representative committee members to obtain feedback on trending concerns faced by Diploma of Nursing learners

3.2. Report and document feedback to the DNSRC

3.3. Ensure the collective learner voice is heard by the council.

3.4. Determine and implement effective communication channels between DNSRC and the learner body.

3.5. Implement processes to regularly connect with the student body and obtain feedback on trending concerns pertaining to academic and non-academic issues experienced by Holmesglen learners and recommend an appropriate course of action to overcome such issues.

3.6 Monitor improvement initiatives/process implemented to gauge effectiveness of the solution/s.

3.7. Provide reports to the Holmesglen Student Representative Council.

3.8. Seek internal professional advice in undertaking powers and duties where necessary and refer items to other internal committees or councils where required. 

NOTE:  In the event that the council becomes aware of a circumstance that requires immediate attention, these matters are to be escalated immediately to the Head of School of Nursing.

3.9. Reach decisions by consensus or, in the absence of a consensus a resolution must be supported by a simple majority of those HSRC members present. 

NOTE: The chair does not have an additional casting vote.  In the event of a tie, the matter will be referred to the Holmesglen Student Representative Council.


4. Meetings

4.1. Meetings must occur at least four (4) times in a year

4.2 If the Chair is not in attendance and no Acting Chair has been appointed, the members of the DNSRC may nominate another member to act as Chair for that meeting.

4.3. Meetings will be held on both the Holmesglen Moorabbin and Bourke Street Campus and via WebEx.

4.4.  Meetings may be held or participated in bay face to face or WebEx.

4.5.  Conflicts of interest must be declared and documented when any matter is being discussed.


5. Definitions

Conflict of interest: Where a member may personally benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity

Quorum: A minimum number of members of a council or committee that must be present for a meeting and its proceeding to be considered valid

Consensus: A general agreement to an opinion or decision among a group of people


6. Context and/or referenced documents

  • Holmesglen Council of Education and Applied Research Terms of Reference 
  • Holmesglen Student Life Committee Terms of Reference 
  • Holmesglen Student Education Committee Terms of Reference 
  • Holmesglen Student Association Structure 
  • Holmesglen Complaints and Appeals Procedure
  • Terms of Reference for Holmesglen Student Representative Council


7. Review

The terms and reference of the DNSRC must be reviewed no later than three (3) years from the date of approval.

The terms of reference will remain in force until such time as it has been reviewed and re-approved or rescinded.  The terms of reference may be withdrawn or amended as part of continuous improvement to the scheduled review date.


8. Version History

  •       Version Number: 1
  •       Date: April 2020
  •       Summary of Changes: New Terms of Reference


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