Tips for preparing for exams

Learning Skills Centre Jo G Holmesglen Staff • 10 May 2021

1. Don't leave revision until the last minute: 

While some students thrive on last-minute cramming for exams, for most this it is not the best way. Information may be stored in short-term memory by this approach, but usually it will not transfer to long-term. 

2. Give yourself time to prepare. Click below for tips on time management:…

3. Make space in your study area. Is there enough light? Do you have a comfy chair? Are computer games out of sight?

 4. What to study? Write down the major topics from your course outline. Check old exams. Read through your notes.

5. Identify any gaps in your knowledge. 

6. Try using visual aids. Condense your notes into 1 page diagrams (mind-maps, perhaps?). This will aid quick recall.

7. Explain your answers to a friend/family member/Fluffy the buddies can also work well for this.

8. Take breaks.

9. Eat healthy snacks. Include brain food such as fish, nuts, seeds, yoghurt and blueberries. 

10. Contact the Learning Skills Centre for more ideas and support with your studies!

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