My Coping Plan App

Student Wellbeing
Student Wellbeing • 12 April 2021

My Coping Plan App

We all sometimes feel a bit stressed, right?! As a result we develop different ways of coping with stress throughout our lives – some more helpful than others…chocolate, anyone? An app by the University of the Sunshine Coast has been developed to help us get through these times when we have trouble thinking clearly due to being distressed or upset.


My Coping Plan is freely available to download on Android and Apple. It takes you through steps to create your own unique Coping Plan, with sections focused on: calming down, things you can do on your own, people you can spend time with or talk with, and professionals who can support you. This also includes an audio tool and written transcript of a breathing and mindfulness exercise.


You can also easily share your plan with others, so they can help remind you about these strategies when you are distressed; and set reminders for yourself to review your plan. This could be very timely when you are in the midst of assessment stress!


A small study involving Australian University students who used the app found that it “can improve mental health and wellbeing in the short‐term, likely through increased self‐efficacy” (Stallman, 2019).


Remember that you can also reach out to Student Wellbeing to book a free and confidential appointment to speak to a counsellor for more support by calling 9564 1649 or emailing