Referencing made easier

jogreg Holmesglen Staff • 7 August 2019
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There’s no point denying it. Referencing can’t be avoided in further education. Some students find it stressful but the consequences of poor referencing can be serious.

The good news is: help is available.

But why do I have to reference?

It shows how much you’ve researched – (& impresses your teachers)

Readers can go directly to original resources

Quotes can be verified

To avoid plagiarism.

What has to be referenced?

Quotes, images, graphs, tables, ideas, theories, facts.

Where do I reference?

In two places:

  1. In-text (the body of the assignment) &
  2. On a separate page Reference list at the end of the assignment

HOW do I find referencing information?

First, check the referencing style for your course, but for most Holmesglen courses it is APA 6th

Then go to the Holmesglen Learning Commons website referencing guide. You can find it here.

Scroll down the menu at the side to find info on referencing all types of sources.

Still not sure?

Learning Skills Teachers will also provide feedback on referencing. Check with us before you submit your assignment.

Book a time

Or drop-in times here (no appointment necessary):

If you have any referencing questions you can ask them in the community.