Trick or Treat or ???

Chevron So • 21 October 2020

Holloween is fast approaching but due to the pandemic, trick or treat may not be the same this year. In the Philippines, during the Holloween, it's a different atmosphere, people are busy preparing food and camping items. They called it Todos Los Santos or All Saints Day. It's a public holiday throughout the country. As early as dawn, the day before the actual day 1st of November, many people flocks to the public transport terminals to catch once in a year chance to get home and spend valuable time with their loved ones.

On the day of the 1st of November, The family member of where they spend the entire day, cleaning the tomb of their past love ones and also a family get-together. Children playing around, Adults singing on a portable Karaoke set or playing cards. It contradicts the stereotype of creepy and spookiness of the Holloween.

Filipinos entering the cemetery.

Chinese-Filipinos spend All Saints Day offering food to the passed away loved ones and also burning of Joss papers to the ancestors.
Chinese Cemetery

It is a truly remarkable way of remembering our family who has passed away.