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  • Happy Friday Everyone 🤗

    Would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to all our online community members.

    My name is Cassie and I am the Skills and Jobs Centre Department Coordinator. I have been working at Holmesglen for 4 years and absolutely love what I do. While you are all busy studying our Department is working hard behind the scenes, creating industry connections, facilitating Job Ready workshops and assist finding employment opportunities to advertise to our students while they study and when they graduate.

    I am proud to let everyone know that collectively the Skills and Jobs Centre have provided assistance to 882 individuals YTD.

    Please remember that during these trying times Holmesglen Skills and Jobs Centre is here to offer you support.

  • Are you searching for convenient ‘Work from home ‘opportunities?
    Do you enjoy interacting with customers to identify their needs?
    Do you want another way to stay connected in the current restricted work environment?

    This Industry is a great way to stay connected! Call Centre Jobs are in demand.
    Check out the opportunities below. And If you need support tailoring your resume for this Industry please contact the SJC to make an appointment.







    Once one you have commenced your new role at a Call Centre , here are some Skills and Jobs Centre tips:

    1. Get to know your phone system
    From transferring calls to being able to place customers on a brief hold, knowing your phone system inside and out is a must for succeeding in a new customer service job early on.
    2. Study up on phone call etiquette
    From never interrupting to always keeping the conversation going, there are certain rules of the phone that must be abided by if you want to achieve any success in your new customer service job.
    3. Befriend a veteran
    Find someone, even in a different team, that has been with the company for a long time. They will be able to show you the ropes, where things are, who’s who, how to avoid drama and even how to climb the ladder.
    4. Ask the “stupid” questions now
    Don’t wait until your computer breaks down to find out where the IT department is, or until you’re a month into your new call centre job to find out how to transfer calls.
    Nobody expects you to know everything on your first day, so take the time to be new, and ask all of the questions that will make you a great employee.
    5. Be friendly to everyone
    You only make one first impression. It can be hard to tell who is who in a new position and you don’t want to make the wrong impression to the wrong person.
    6. Be fearless
    Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, to be yourself or to get on the phone.
    Act like you aren’t the new person. Taking in a fearless mindset into your new call centre job will help you dig into your new role quicker and standout faster as a high achiever.

  • A warm welcome to our newest members to the Holmesglen Skills and Job Centre group and wishing everyone a very Happy Friday!

    This week our team has been busy creating online workshops for different faculties and doing LOTS of business development to source employment opportunities for our students and grads!
    We are so thrilled to share with you that we have placed 36 students and grads into employment this month!!!

    Each week we are going to share with you "things you didn't know about the SJC team" starting with myself!

    Hi! I'm Amanda and I am the Team Leader of the Holmesglen Skills and Job Centre, I've been with Holmesglen for 3 years and I truly LOVE my job! I get to meet and help so many amazing people. I am a mum, a wife and my favourite things are practising yoga and eating chocolate (not necessarily at the same time - although isn't that a great idea!) Also every time I place someone into employment I do a happy dance! (think running man) I'ts a pleasure to meet you!

    Stay Safe and enjoy the weekend!

  • Hi, I'm an international student, so am I able to get white card? Currently I'm a student of carpentry class. If "Yes", please kindly share any trust-able links for registration. Thanks in advance!

  • 5 Tips for Reverse marketing:

    1.Do your Research - Doing research is pivotal to having success. Search the company website, name of manager, how many staff they have, their company policy and size.
    2.Build Relationships and Create Awareness -. A cold call is not necessarily about getting a yes, but rather these three key aspects:

    1. Building business relationships
    2. Creating awareness
    3. Gathering information

    3.Ask Useful Questions - An effective sales person listens 70% of the time. Asking the right questions is powerful. Questions will not only enable you to build a rapport, but also will demonstrate that you are taking a genuine interest in the employer’s needs.

    4.Prepare an Elevator Pitch -Imagine that you’re standing inside an elevator and the door opens. It’s your lucky day because who steps in? It’s the HR manager of Target. Now is your chance to tell this person all about yourself but you only have 30 to 60 seconds to do this before they step out of the elevator. Your pitch needs to be short, simple and straight to the point.

    5.Know the Features and Benefits -This is quite crucial. Take a moment and on a piece of paper jot down all the features and benefits that an employer will receive if they were to hire you.

    Statistics indicate that 80% of job seekers that apply this technique , secure employment.
    If you would like to learn more about this skill please contact the Skills and Jobs Centre.

  • Levelling Up Your LinkedIn
    Practical strategies to optimise your professional profile and network;

    Presenting a professional image and building your professional network are essential career skills. This interactive workshop covers the keys to projecting a confident, professional image on LinkedIn, highlighting your qualifications, and showcasing your skills. You will gain practical insights on optimising your LinkedIn profile to control your online brand and stand out from other job seekers. Learn about the ‘Alumni’ feature and how to approach connecting with colleagues, employers and industry professionals. Take advantage of the Q&A portion for answers to your specific questions.

    This session will be led by Vincent Ramos, Director - Advancement, Holmesglen Foundation.

    Participants are required to create a LinkedIn profile before attending the session.

    How to participate:

    Tuesday 25th August @ 12pm: https://community.holmesglen.edu.au/group/9/event/levelling-your-linked…

    Wednesday 26th August @ 6:00pm: https://community.holmesglen.edu.au/group/9/event/levelling-your-linked…

  • Hi Everyone, Exciting news…

    Holmesglen's Student Association (HSA) is the framework that embeds authentic student engagement and voice into the Institute's governance structure and decision making practices. The HSA and Holmesglen work in partnership to continually enhance the Holmesglen experience (HX) for all learners.
    If you would like to find out more on how to join this community and become a Student Representative, please meet our friendly team, via an information session on 16 July 2020, 2 pm, via this link:


  • Hi, my name's Serey, I'm an international student in Carpentry. I'm glad to join this SJC team.

  • Virtual O-Month offers a great opportunity to inform new and returning students about valuable services and support departments that are available to learners attending Holmesglen.

    As well as being extremely informative, these sessions are interactive and entertaining for everybody involved, with Q&A’s and virtual activities happening throughout the virtual sessions. The Holmesglen Recreation Team will also be holding a Virtual O-Month Code Word Competition, with a chance for students to win a grand prize of $200.

    Head to the Holmesglen Recreation Group Online Community page to secure session times.

    Look forward to seeing you all on online!

  • The Holmesglen Skills and Job Centre would like to say a warm welcome to our newest members that have joined our group!

    We are so glad you are here!

    Here are some of the ways we can support you with our free services
    - Resume Development
    - Interview Techniques
    - Industry Connections to real job opportunities

    Through the pandemic the Holmesglen Skills and Job Centre team have supported hundreds of students with resume development, video interview techniques and Job Searching advice. Out of those we have placed over 100 students/graduates into employment.

    To book a phone or webex appointment with us please email sjc@holmesglen.edu.au

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Warm wishes from the SJC Team