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  • How amazing does this look ?? Let us know how you went making this recipe on our Facebook page @ourbestbite or in the comments below.
    Photo Credit- Two Hungry People.com

  • Here is the method yummmmmmmm !!!!

  • Here is our amazing second recipe Lao Spicy Cucumber Salad!!! Here is the cost Breakdown - We have not calculated pantry or optional items like lemon basil

    $2.00 cucumber
    $1.20 fresh chilies
    30c palm sugar
    $1.00 Jasmine rice
    .30c fish sauce

  • Look at this mouth watering dish!!! Let us know how you went making it here or on our Facebook page @ourbestbite photo credit: Lady and Pups

  • The method for this delicious dish

  • Here are the ingredients !!

    We are so excited to share our first recipe!
    Coming in at an incredible $2.60 a serve here is the cost breakdown

    • 20 cents for pasta
    • 60 cents for gochujang paste
    • 60 cents for Parmesan cheese
    • 15 cents for onion
    • $1.10 for cheese
    * we have not calculated pantry items like salt, pepper, milk and oil.
    Ingredients and method below !!!!

  • Our Best Bites is a project created by passionate students aiming to supply cheap and easy to make recipes to Tertiary Students this project commenced on 28th of September and will end on the 30th of November. We are a group of 11 Diploma Of Community Services Students running a community development project, we are committed to help students eat healthier for less !! We will show you how to make cheap, healthy meals for $7 or under and generous servings as well!

    So, head over to our Facebook page “Our Best Bites” to find delicious recipes and enter our competition where YOU could win the opportunity todine at restaurant that will be reveled once the winner has been announced.

    If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact us via Facebook Messenger and one of our friendly team members with reply as soon as possible.