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Thanks for joining our community!

This is a safe place where you can meet and interact digitally with each other and make the most of your Holmesglen experience! Here are some ideas to help get you started.

  • Ask the community a question
  • Create a profile and introduce yourself – what’s your name, what are you studying, what are your goals for the semester?
  • Explore the topics and groups – you may find something that interests you. Join a group to keep updated on what’s happening. A good place to start is the Recreation Group where you can find out about all campus events and trips
  • Start your own group! Perhaps you’d like to form a study group or something based on a common interest
  • Encourage your teachers to start groups and discussions for your class
  • Write a blog about something you've learned in class, a placement or interview your classmates


Read Jack's story for more ideas.


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