Your Top 5 Questions Answered

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Community Manager Community Staff • 9 October 2020
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These are some of the most frequently asked questions from students using the online community. We hope this helps clear things up for you ? 


What if everyone sees my posts? I don’t want my teachers to know what I’m posting 

We understand that some topics are sensitive, and you may want to have a private discussion with a small group of people. That’s where closed groups come in. You can create your own closed group and invite only the people you want as members. Only group members will be able to see your posts. 

Please note: you will still need to adhere to the platform’s policies and the moderation team will be able to monitor your content, so please keep it respectful. Also, if you are commenting or posting in an open or public group, others will be able to see it.  


I’ve seen an inappropriate post. Who do I report it to? 

Our moderators check the content regularly, but you may spot something before they do. Let us know by clicking on the carrot dropdown in the top right corner and select “Report.” This will immediately remove the post and alert the moderators and community manager who will review it and determine next steps as appropriate. 


I mainly see staff posting on here. Can I post too? 

Yes, this platform is open to all students. You can ask a question to the whole community or join a group or even start one of your own. This is your space, made for students by students. Just remember to adhere to the terms and conditions of the site. 


I’d like to start my own group on here. Do I need permission? 

No, you don’t need permission to start your own group. All we ask is that you respect others and remember the Ts & Cs. Before creating your group, check if one already exists. The Holmesglen Rec Team have a few clubs already. You can also explore all other groups here.  


I’ve already finished my course. Can I still be part of this community? 

Yes, of course! This community is open to all students – past, present and future. Stay connected with Holmesglen and your fellow alumni on the online community.  


Do you have any questions about the online community? Ask them in the comments below.