How to remain on track with your studies during COVID-19

Holmesglen Rec Team • 21 July 2021

Studying from home can be tough. A comfortable and homely environment along with various distractions can challenge your motivation and productivity. So if you’re studying from home, it’s important you keep procrastination at bay by sticking to your usual daily study routine.

Not to worry – the Rec Team has your back! We have 5 easy tips to keep your studies on track during COVID-19.


Tip 1: Set your alarm

Since you’re stuck at home, you’ll probably think there are ample hours in the day to complete a task. But if you don’t bother to get out of bed like you normally would, those motivation levels will instantly drop. Stick to your regular alarm to get up and kick off your day exactly like you normally would!


Tip 2: Find a space to concentrate

Ditch the couch and take your laptop into a designated study space. Set up your study zone with key essentials and no, we don’t mean the remote.

We’re talking a desk, books, fun stationery and of course snacks! Harness your interior decorative skills and furnish your space with some art, indoor plants and a motivational quote to keep you going.


Tip 3: If there are others in the house, let them know you need some quiet time

Ok, it’s time to call a family meeting! Carve out some quiet time. Chat to your housemates and let them know you’re in the zone and you’ll come up for air in a couple of hours. 


Tip 4: Have a break, have a…

Break it up. Schedule regular breaks to help you retain that laser focus. Get up, and walk away from your zone, stretch out those legs and return more focused than ever. 


Tip 5: Put that phone on SILENT!

Our devices are distracting, particularly with news updates on COVID -19. So quite literally, switch off…or at least silence. You won’t miss a thing.

This will keep you focused and will take care of your headspace. Too much news exposure can take a toll on your mind so check out our article on keeping up your Self-Care during COVID -19.


There are also many handy apps to help you manage those electronic distractions. Check out a few and trial them to see what works best for you.

These are some basic tips to get yourself set up to continue on with your studies. If you would like some more tips check out some of these websites: