Holmesglen Rec - Dinner & Murder Mystery Night

Holmesglen Rec Team

Are you a wise guy? Stick 'em up, its a 1920's Murder Mystery night.

The Rec Team will be hosting a pizza dinner and murder mystery night where you will have the chance to work in a group to solve the murder of Aiden Abet.

Dressing up is encouraged, a prize will be awarded to the person with the best costume.

Prizes will be awarded to the group who solve this terrible murder!

Cost: $10

Book your spot, here.


Murder Mystery Story line: "Aiden Abet" the leader of the Tracy Gang developed a scam that netted him $1m. However, once his victims caught on he became a hunted man. The $1m was hidden in the Tracy Speakeasy and when it strangely reappears, it leads to murder! Unravel the mystery of the dead man walking, the letters from William Shakespeare and the literary weekend.

This event includes:

  • Dinner & beverages 
  • Murder Mystery ticket


  • Holmesglen Chadstone Campus - Exact location will be emailed to you.