Interview Tips - Via Video!

Rec Team Nicole Holmesglen Staff • 16 September 2020

Interview Tips - Via Video!

We are living in an age where face-to-face interviews are no longer occurring. Video interviews are now common practice and it’s best to up-skill yourself on how to successfully conduct an interview from home.

Here are some brief tips:

  • Do a trial run before the interview
  • Set up your camera & any headset or microphone ahead of time
  • The ideal background is tidy, distraction-free, quiet and well-lit
  • Dress professionally
  • Avoid making hand gestures, which can “stutter” on the screen

(Tips provided by Holmesglen SJC)

These tips are not too dissimilar to interviewing face-to-face. Ensuring you are presenting yourself professionally is crucial to leaving a good impression on the interviewer.

The Holmesglen Recreation Team has teamed up with the Skills and Jobs Centre (SJC) to help deliver some highly engaging Life Skills Workshops to help you prepare for when life goes back to some sort of normality. SJC will give some more in-depth tips to help you become job-ready and land that job you’re desperately after.

These workshops begin on September 7 and run until September 24, so be sure to jump into as many sessions as possible!