Happy Solstice

Kirsten.Boxall Holmesglen Staff • 22 June 2022
in group Library
sunrise in winter

Happy Winter Solstice to all Holmesglen staff and students, from the Library! We have just had the shortest day and longest night of the year, and have now turned towards spring again. The days will incrementally start to lengthen and the nights to shorten.
Of course, in the Northern Hemisphere, the opposite holds true and they have just had the Summer Solstice, with the longest day and shortest night. Still, for both hemispheres of the world, one thing is true: we are halfway through the year. 

Enjoy the winter break! We will still be open if you need to come in and study. Our opening hours and locations are here: https://holmesglen.edu.au/Students/Library/About-the-library/Opening-ho…

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