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No one was more prepared to move to Melbourne than Alvin Adyco. With extensive research, he was able to start his international study journey on the right foot.

“I tried to get to know how Melbourne looked and felt, as though I already lived there,” he explains.

We caught up with Alvin to find out how you, too, can easily settle into a new life in Australia, what made his experience at Holmesglen so great, and his advice for future international students.


Choosing Melbourne: Alvin’s tips

One of the biggest decisions you can make as an international student is choosing where to study. For Alvin, it was important to research all of the possible locations to find the right one for him and his career goals.

“Melbourne stood out as it has been recognised as one of Australia’s best student cities and one of the best worldwide,” Alvin says.

Once Melbourne was confirmed, it was time to decide on an education provider that would offer Alvin all the skills he needed to find his dream job. To do so, Alvin spoke to his education agent, who introduced him to the different schools in the state.

“I heard that Holmesglen was one of the best TAFE institutions in Victoria and that it also offers a Bachelor's Degree in IT,” Alvin explains. “I wanted to receive a university-level education but also get some practical learning experience.”

This made Holmesglen’s Bachelor of Information Systems the perfect choice.


Moving to a new home

Planning for his move from his home in Indonesia to Melbourne, Alvin made sure to research the area he was going to be living in, as well learn about Australian lifestyle. This ensured he arrived in Melbourne with realistic expectations of his new home.

“Even though everything is completely different in Australia, I didn't really feel any culture shock at all,” he shares. “I felt as though I could already relate because I had done the research.”

For this reason, Alvin recommends that other international students take a similar approach of studying their chosen cities in advance.

Of course, there were still some unexpected challenges. Alvin initially struggled with how independent he was required to be, but soon found solutions.

“I only had myself to rely on, which took some time for me to adjust to, but joining a community will help you settle in and adjust. Don’t be afraid to ask for some help.”


The best of Holmesglen

From being a representative in the Holmesglen Student Association to working as a student mentor, and being nominated as a Holmesglen Student of the Year 2022, Alvin’s time at Holmesglen was filled with incredible experiences and opportunities.

One of these included working on a project with Study Melbourne - a Victorian Government Initiative supporting international students -  that focused on increasing the quality of youth education.

“I got the chance to network with some brilliant people in Melbourne, from executives and local government organisations to the staff and students at Holmesglen,” Alvin shares. “Networking with these people will make a huge impact on my future.”


Alvin’s future plans

Alvin was able to secure an IT position before he had even graduated from Holmesglen. He currently works as an eLearning Producer and Support Liaison at the institute.

When asked about his future plans, Alvin says that he is focused on mastering what he is currently doing at work but is eager to keep learning new things.

“I want to continue to keep my family and those who supported me from the beginning, proud.”


Advice for other international students

Alvin advises other international students to try and persevere through the challenges of studying overseas, such as homesickness and culture shock.

“It’s not going to be easy at first but trust me, it won’t stay like that for long,” he shares.

While a good work ethic is essential to academic success, for Alvin, taking learning outside of the classroom is also important.

“Life is all about learning and improving to be the better version of ourselves,” he explains. “From my experience, having the curiosity to learn more about something, especially in a new environment, is crucial and will definitely benefit you in many ways.”

But in Alvin’s opinion, every international student should already be proud of themselves for being brave enough to move to a new country and immersing themselves in a completely different culture.

“That's already a big deal and it makes us stand out from others.”


Are you an international student who wants to share your Holmesglen story? Email us on intl@holmesglen.edu.au