As a member of the Student Representative Council and a proud student ambassador, Nisura is dedicated to ensuring the Holmesglen community has their voice heard on campus.

We chatted to him to find out more about his inspiring student journey and experiences in Melbourne.


Why Melbourne?

Originally from Sri Lanka, Nisura moved to Melbourne to undertake a Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics* at Holmesglen.

“I always knew Melbourne was famous for its education system. It was also known as Australia’s most livable city,” says Nisura.

Currently in his fourth year of study, Nisura now knows that his adopted home of Melbourne offers so much more than just quality education. The city’s incredible, year-round events and dedication to encouraging diversity and inclusion are just some of the things he appreciates most about living here.

“I love exploring different things in Melbourne,” Nisura shares.

Looking to add to your Melbourne bucket list? Nisura recommends the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the National Gallery of Victoria, the State Library Victoria and Melbourne Skydeck.

“I love how the environment is incorporated into the construction of Melbourne. The city looks modern and also filled with greenery,” he says.

Nisura finds this combination of architecture and natural landscape best demonstrated in the sunsets over the Melbourne skyline, and how close the city is to surfing beaches and hiking trails.

Since moving here, Nisura has also been exploring Australian sports.

“I was introduced to Australian Rules football in 2019, and have been fascinated in the game ever since,” he explains.


Why Holmesglen?

Nisura discovered Holmesglen at a career expo in Sri Lanka while exploring possible professional pathways. Sandra Barboza, Holmesglen’s Regional Manager, was able to connect his career goals with our Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics, and the rest is history!

Already passionate about the construction industry, Nisura could see Holmesglen’s courses are well-structured and our strong ties to industry meant he would be able to start building his professional network easily.


Moving to Australia

Nisura understands the challenges international students face when leaving home for the first time.

“It was not an easy task to say goodbye to my family, friends and pets,” Nisura explains.

However, with relatives already living in Melbourne, Nisura had a wonderful support system already in place. When he arrived, they helped him settle in, taught him how to use public transport and showed him around the Holmesglen campus.

 “From the beginning, I realised that the city’s environments, culture and all that goes along with them are quite different from what I am used to. It took a bit of time to get used to it, but in the end, it worked out well,” says Nisura.

Holmesglen’s Orientation Sessions were particularly helpful to Nisura, as he was able to learn about our facilities and services.


Image of Nisura
“The first things I did after arriving in Melbourne were setting up a bank account, getting a myki card and a mobile SIM card for my phone,” Nisura shares - all excellent tips for international students planning their first week in Australia.


Future plans

Choosing to study in Melbourne has given Nisura incredibly strong future employment prospects.

“Construction management is currently among the most urgently needed jobs here in Melbourne due to the increase in governmental and private infrastructure and other construction projects,” Nisura says.

As Nisura’s course here at Holmesglen is full of real-life projects and case studies, he has been able to better understand the construction industry in Melbourne and the culture of Australian workplaces.


Nisura’s advice for fellow international students

With four years of experience studying overseas, Nisura is the perfect person to offer important advice for international students.

“Melbourne is an exciting and multicultural city, so you will meet some amazing people and personalities,” says Nisura. “Everything feels different when you move to another country. So, take your time [to settle in],” he adds.

Luckily, Nisura explains, there are many support services available at Holmesglen to help you adjust to your new life, such as academic support and counselling services. He also suggests joining a student club to help you make friends.

Regarding your studies and your career, Nisura recommends planning in advance.

“Have a proper study plan and calendar of your semester assessment submissions,” he advises.

Preparation and forward-thinking is also key when it comes to your career.

“Research the industry and the environment you want to study in and look into the possibilities of finding a job position in the future after completing the course,” he says.


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* Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics is no longer accepting new applications.