Everyday Heroes

TracyA • 27 June 2022

Everyday Heroes Southeast Asia
As a part of Everyday Heroes events, we are showcasing the lives of current and former Southeast Asian students from different fields and learning from their experiences.

The objective is to help current international students from Southeast Asian backgrounds understand the outcomes after graduation by listening to the stories of successful current and former international students. 

Event 1 (30.06.2022)

Networking -  the key to success for international students - Register Here

Being an international student can be overwhelming at times. Managing university, assignments, part-time jobs, and socialising could put networking on a back seat but networking can be a key to success for international students. 

In this event, we will interview current and former international students and learn from their experiences how networking has helped them gain better experience in Australia and how it has benefited them in their professional life.

Event 2 (07.07.2022)

How to get your dream job after graduation - Register Here

When it comes to Southeast Asian students, the vast majority of international students wish to gain work experience in Australia upon completing their course. However, getting your dream job isn’t an easy task. To improve their employability, international students might need to learn how to stand out from the crowd to get noticed.

In this event, we interview those former international students who have had an interesting journey. Join us in this event to learn from our guest speakers and solve your queries by asking them the most intriguing questions about their professional life.

Event 3 (14.07.2022)

How to communicate confidently in English- Register Here

For most international students, English is a second or even a third language. English can be a barrier to communicating effectively and might hamper your prospect for employment but there are ways to quickly learn to be better at communication.

In this event, we are interviewing current and former international students and learning from their experiences about how they navigated their life as non-native English speakers and how they grabbed the opportunities during their studies and in their professional life.

Event 4 (21.07.2022)

How to secure your first professional job as an international student - Register Here

One of the biggest struggles for international students can be getting their first job in their field of study. A lot of international students take a very long time to get their first break in the industry. One of the reasons is the lack of guidance and knowledge about the things they can do to make the process easier.

In this event, we are talking to former international students who got their professional job right after their graduation and the things that helped them get their first break. If you are wondering what steps you can take while studying at the University, we are going to solve all your doubts at this event.