The Student Representative Council works closely with institute to enhance the educational and student life experience. I am proud to say that this semester we had a variety of representation all across Holmesglen. 

Being in the space has given us a chance to raise student issues and be the voice to represent students across different courses. We have worked closely over the semester to discuss on topics like digital Holmesglen experience, Holmesglen alumni community, connecting local and international communities and the reason why students are not accessing support. Having different course representation has helped in better understanding of the institute and has helped shape our recommendations to enhance the student experience. 

Some of our recommendations included – 
•    IT starter sessions to be loaded into Brightspace
•    Integrating Brightspace information into the student app
•    Holmesglen Graduates to be active on Facebook and LinkedIn as these are the preferred platform to connect.
•    Formalise a program that brings Holmesglen graduates and current learners together to network
•    Form a sub-committee to review clubs and societies at Holmesglen.
•    Review the way of Holmesglen communicate with local volunteering opportunities is required. 

We are looking forward to meet with the CEO Mary Faraone and the Chair of the Board Peter Lewinsky. Getting this opportunity has made us realise that students voice really matters at Holmesglen. 

We hope that the council of 2022 would continue the work and achieve the goals that we have initiated including the establishment of the sub-committee for student clubs and hopefully more course representation. 

It has been an inspiring journey working closely with my peers and there’s no doubt that each of us has brought something unique to the council. This is an incredible leadership opportunity and I am thankful for the opportunity. 

-    Divya Sharma (Council Chair SRC 2021)


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