Applying to be a Student Representative

(Retired) Rec Team James Holmesglen Staff • 6 May 2020

Applying to be a Student Representative


A student representative role is a rewarding opportunity that can provide students with a competitive edge when entering the workforce. These 5 steps outline how to apply for the role. 

Step 1. Discover 

Before applying, applicants are encouraged to read The roles and responsibilities of a Student Rep. This provides an overview of the skills & qualities needed to fulfil the role, along with the benefits a student rep role can provide.

Applicants can also attend one of the Student Association information sessions. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions or seek clarification on the role. All sessions will be listed in the events tab of the Holmesglen Student Association group.  

Step 2. Receive a Nomination

Before applying, applicants are required to be nominated. Nominations can be made by a Holmesglen student or staff member are included in a student's application form. Holmesglen will verify a student's nomination directly with the nominator. 

Applicants are encouraged to actively seek a nomination. 

Step 3. Apply 

Students are able to formally apply for the role by completing the Student Association Application Form (see below). The submission checklist at the bottom of the form is a great tool to ensure a complete application is submitted. Applications are to be submitted to and are open all year round. 

For those wanting support or additional guidance in submitting a strong application, see the Tips to Submitting a Strong Application presentation attached to this topic. Alternatively, you can make an appointment via 

Step 4. Interview

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview. Candidates are encouraged to expand on their written application, communicating and demonstrating their suitability for the role. 

Step 5. Train for the role  

Applicants will attend an initial training session before being appointed to the Student Association. This training session launches the ongoing training and support student representatives receive throughout their term. Student reps are awarded with a certificate of participation acknowledging their skills in advocacy, representation, working with diverse stakeholders, communication and more. 

For more information, attend the information sessions listed under the events tab of this group or email