23 Mar - 27 Mar 2021

Reflecting on Orientation - Your Student Experience

Michaela Hosking Holmesglen Staff • 23 March 2021

The Student Rep Council are meeting on Wednesday 24 March 2021 to discuss student experiences regarding orientation. This includes: 


  • Communication you received regarding your orientation program. 
  • O Week / O Month festivities that you may or may not be aware of. 
  • Your course level orientation experience. 


  • Did you receive adequate communication about your orientation program? 
  • Did you attend orientation? If not, why not? 
  • Was orientation helpful? Did you receive relevant information at the right time? 
  • Was orientation engaging and interesting?
  • Were you overloaded with irrelevant information? 
  • What wasn't included in orientation that you were looking for? 

What recommendations do you have to improve the student experience when it comes to orientation? 

Comment below to ensure you contribute to the discussion and your reps advocate for you. 


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