This article describes how to automatically forward all your emails as they arrive to your personal email address.


Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to in a browser.

2. Sign in to the site using your {username} email address and click Next.

Email login


3. Enter your network password and click Sign in.

Email password

Image removed.Note: Your network password is the same one you use to logon to a PC on campus or Brightspace LMS.


4. You will be presented with your personalised Office 365 portal home page.

Home screen


5. Click Outlook to open your mailbox/inbox.


Image removed.Warning: This email is only valid whilst you are an enrolled student. Mailboxes will be deleted at the end of your enrolment.


6. Click the settings cog in the top right hand corner.



7. Click the View all Outlook settings link at the bottom of the settings panel.

8. Click Mail and then click Forwarding.



9. Tick the box marked Enable forwarding and enter in your personal email address in the Forward my email to: textbox.

10. Click Save at the bottom of the settings screen.

11. Close the settings screen using the X in the top right hand corner. You will return to your inbox.

Automatic forwarding has now been setup to your personal email address.