Virtual Welcome Dinner

Rec Team Nigel • 15 September 2020

The Welcome Dinner Project is now hosting a virtual welcome dinner!

Welcome Dinners were created with the intent to bring people together and connect newly arrived such as migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and international students with established Australians.

While typically the dinners would take place in the form of a shared meal in someone's home or a trusted community space, The Welcome Dinner Project team has adapted with the times and are now going online in a time where it's more important than ever to stay connected, support people and make sure nobody feels alone. 

The usual format would see eight newly arrived people, eight established Australians and two facilitators come together, with each bringing a meal to the dinner for all to share. 

In the virtual version, people are still encouraged to bring a meal or food to the online gathering to consume while everyone shares stories and enjoys the evening. 

The dinners provide a great opportunity to meet new people and form connections that could last a lifetime.

The Welcome Dinner Project is holding its next Virtual Welcome Dinner event on the 30th of September.

The event is held over Zoom, with a meeting link and more details sent out to participants after they have registered.

Virtual Welcome Dinners are free but places are limited.

If you're interested in connecting with others from cultural backgrounds, sharing a meal and meeting new people, be sure to register.

Register here via Eventbrite to join the next virtual dinner!

For more information on The Welcome Dinner Project, click here.