Future Founders Festival

Rec Team Nigel • 15 September 2020
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Australia’s first digital startup festival for international students, innovators, and founders has arrived!

Future Founders Festival 2020 is a free, multi-day event by business leaders from the international student community featuring workshops, expert panels, pitching, and funding opportunities. 

The event has plenty of guest speakers who have successfully started up their own business from even the smallest of ideas. 

There is even an opportunity to pitch your own idea to an expert panel for your share of $3500 to put towards kickstarting your own business!

This unique opportunity is presented by the Study Victoria and StartSpace, a co-working space at State Library Victoria for people starting our on their business journey.

Future Founders Festival runs from the 23-27 September.

Register here via Eventbrite to join the free event and get a step closer to starting your own business!

For more information about the Future Founders Festival, click here.